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Alvin S. Brown, Esq. is the principal consultant forĀ IRS Consulting Services and the founder of the law firm of Alvin Brown & Associates, Mr. Brown had a 27 year career in the office of the IRS Chief Counsel and has been representing clients before the IRS for the past 20 years. Tax attorney representation is for clients with any IRS issues and problems, regardless of their location. For example, services are provided for taxpayers:

Who have not filed all of their tax returns

Have a tax debt they cannot afford to pay

When the IRS has levied their bank account or their income

If the IRS has filed a tax lien against them

Who require assistance on any civil or criminal tax matters

Who receive letters from the IRS that they do not understand and require professional guidance

Those who have received a large penalty from the IRS

Taxpayers who have been contacted by the IRS and requires guidance

Those who have concerns with potential errors on a tax return and think it might trigger an examination

Any other IRS pending matter

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