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Alvin S. Brown is a former IRS Tax Attorney. Alvin Brown & Associates and IRS Consulting Services were created in response to a need from qualified taxpayers for an affordable tax service solution. Our team is proud to offer accessible legal tax services for those facing tax burdens.

  • We represent taxpayers on all IRS issues, IRS problems and IRS controversies. “IRS controversies” is a tax specialty and if you have any ongoing IRS tax matter, our firm can assist you. Alvin Brown & Associates and the team at IRS Consulting Service specialize in assisting individuals:

Who have not filed all of their tax returns

Have a tax debt they cannot afford to pay

When the IRS has levied their bank account or their income

If the IRS has filed a tax lien against them

Who require assistance on any civil or criminal tax matters

Who receive letters from the IRS that they do not understand and require professional guidance

Those who have received a large penalty from the IRS

Taxpayers who have been contacted by the IRS and requires guidance

Those who have concerns with potential errors on a tax return and think it might trigger an examination

Any other IRS pending matter

Contact us at 877-IRS-1172

Our firm offers nationwide support for all IRS tax matters. We offer free consultations and free guidance not to exceed 30 minutes, so there is no downside to calling us today at 877-IRS-1172.

Take advantage of the opportunity to have a top tax professionals provide you with the assistance you need in resolving your IRS tax matters. Representation before the IRS will be under the guidance of a tax attorney.

Contact us at 877-IRS-1172 to discuss your tax problem for free.


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